Calculate and visualize the shortest path between points

How to:

  1. Copy the example link above for the example Flux project, Rhino and Grasshopper files.
  2. Check out the block in Flow. They transform the incoming Rhino geometry, and pass the relevant data into a custom analysis block (called Find Path).
  3. An algorithm (from this open source project) outputs from Flux (Escape Paths) a set of points that form a path around your boundary lines from Rhino.
  4. The algorithm can be tuned in for different requirements. For example, the demo shows prioritizing reduced compute time. But, some minor tweaks
  5. can make path optimization the main focus.


  • Fast and efficient algorithm that computes the optimal path
  • Instant feedback on the access point efficiency in your design
  • Set up code compliance alerts for maximum allowed path of travel

Flow  Grasshopper